Student Life Assessment and Research was established to bring a divisional approach to the research and assessment efforts currently under way. We hope this website provides the information and resources needed to facilitate a culture of assessment within the division.

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Assessment Fellows Program

The Student Life Assessment Fellows program is an opportunity for professionals in the division to create, maintain and support a culture of learning. By working closely with unit directors and serving as a leader and consultant within their respective units, the Fellows will assist unit colleagues in implementing division outcomes and assessing effectiveness.  Assessment Fellows will also receive specialized training to increase their skills and knowledge about student learning and assessment to better serve their units. 

2011-2013 Fellows
Assessment and Research - Stan Dura (Chair), Brian Clark (GTF)
Career Center- Chelsey Augustyniak
UCTC- Alisia Caban
EMU- Jessie Steward
DOS- Jennifer Summers
Holden Center- Eric Boggs
PERS- Brent Harrison, Tiffany Lundy
Health Center- Paula Staight, Renee Mulligan
Housing- Heather Kropf, Dena James
SAIT- Joel Woodruff

Assessment Fellows Application.doc
Membership Process and Expectations.docx